Described as a joyously noisy and paint smeared electronic rock experiment. Come watch a beautiful painting's creation while listening to some incredible, loopy, out of this world music! 

Troll Sightings

12-23-17 - Winter Wapatui 2017

Welcome to the Winter Wap, Where you can Wish your Wonders away While Wandering around Wisely indulging Wicked Wapatui!!!
Im Tyler Anderson!
Here to invite YOU to behave yourself the night before Christmas eve @The Other Side in remote Rush City!
***Free Wapatui until its gone***
Music By:
Loom In Essence
Troll Foot Frass
Broadway Jones
Nick TwIsT
Dropsie (a.k.a. Enhas Bek)
Cyco Mico
Geoff Richard
Tyzer (Not Tyler Anderson...j/k)

More TBA...

Doors at NooN on Saturday
Hotel Nearby (for the weak, elderly, and sick)
E.L.E. attitude
No Drama, Guns, Drugs, Dogs, Mongeese, Sea Gulls, Vomiting, or Unprotected Fun.
Wear your big boy/girl pants and enjoy the freedom of america at its

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